Telangana minister Rajender dares CBI probe into allegations against him

Telangana well being minister Etela Rajender dared an enquiry by the central bureau of investigation (CBI) or a sitting decide into the allegations against him of encroaching assigned lands of landless poor for his poultry companies.

Within a few hours from the Chief Minister Okay Chandrasekhar Rao ordering the chief secretary to provoke an inquiry by the district collector and by the vigilance police, Rajender spoke to media late on Friday, alleging a well-hatched plot to malign him and murderer his character.

The six-time member of the Legislative Assembly and senior Telangana separatist motion chief stated he would determine on stepping down from the cupboard based mostly on the end result of enquiries against him, whereas daring enquiries by all or any the highest businesses.

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  • “I will not surrender to these threats and pledge my self-esteem come what may,” stated Rajender, including that he loved a observe file of not pledging his vanity even in the course of the Telangana motion. “Let the government take any action if it is proved that my family has encroached even a single acre of assigned land.”

    Rajender, a backward class chief with a background of the leftist motion, has been within the information usually for airing dissent on varied points pertaining to the event and insurance policies of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) authorities over the previous couple of years.

    Hours after T News tv, thought-about the ruling celebration’s official channel, airing information on alleged encroachment of assigned lands by minister Rajender’s household for his or her poultry enterprise, CM Rao on Friday night ordered the enquiry.

    Political analyst Vasireddy Srinivas stated, “The timing of the telecasting of the more than four years old allegations against the minister on the day the municipal elections were over, the last of the series of elections in Telangana over the last few months, gives rise to suspicion that it was a well laid out plot to oust Rajender, who is considered a strong leader and a threat to the prospects of CM Rao’s son KT Rama Rao, who was touted as the next chief minster.”

    Terming it a plot of CM Rao to make Etela Rajender a “scapegoat to makeup his failures in curtailing the pandemic in Telangana,” Congress nationwide spokesperson Dasoju Sravan in an announcement alleged that “the CM had crafted a political conspiracy on the sincere BC leader and a great Telangana fighter (Rajender).”

    BJP has demanded a high-level enquiry fee to research into allegations against all the opposite ministers and MLAs of the ruling celebration. “BJP stands vindicated on our charge that CM KCR is leading a corrupt government in the state, and most of his ministers and MLA’s are corrupt land grabbers, who are fleecing poor and common people of Telangana State,” stated BJP Telangana spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao.

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