The Best Reactions to the First ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot Photo

When the announcement was made in January that Sex and the City would return to the small screen, the show’s loyal army of fans inevitably began asking all sorts of questions. (That its cast and crew have remained fastidiously tight-lipped about what the series will look like has only added to the fervor.) First, of course, was how they would write out Samantha, following Kim Cattrall opting out of the reboot. And what, exactly, would the women of Sex and the City be wearing in 2021? Will Mr. Big still be “taking a Napa” over at his Californian vineyard?

While brief insights have been teased so far—the announcement of the title of the 10-episode HBO revival as And Just Like That…; the photo shared after the cast’s first read-through at the beginning of June—let’s be real. What we’ve actually been waiting for is seeing Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte decked out in the unpredictable, and deeply individual, looks that made the show such a fashion phenomenon in the first place. 

While OG costume designer Patricia Field won’t be returning for the new series (she’s currently tied up with production on Emily in Paris’s second season on the other side of the pond), she’s happily passing the torch to her protégée Molly Rogers for the Sex and the City reboot. 

Yet a new promotional image is raising even more questions. Is Miranda’s head-to-toe Mediterranean-vacation vibe a sign of an easier, breezier life for our favorite high-powered lawyer? Do Carrie’s strappy Celine heels represent a new adventurousness, whether found through style or (lest we forget) sex? What does the show have in store for Charlotte, given her hot-girl-summer polka-dot blouse worn off the shoulder? And finally, as some Twitter sleuths observed—albeit half-jokingly—does the garbage can situated stage right signal a shady response to Kim Cattrall’s entirely understandable unwillingness to participate? 

Naturally, the internet had plenty of thoughts about this one image alone, so here, we’ve rounded up the best (and funniest) responses to the first cast photo from the Sex and the City reboot. Will the new series be as fabulous as the original? The jury’s still out. But when I looked at these first promotional images later that night, I couldn’t help but wonder…

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