‘The Family Man 2’ controversy: Amazon Prime Video issues gag order for Samantha Akkineni

Days before its screening, ‘The Family man 2’ found itself caught in a controversy over the depiction of Eelam Tamils in a negative light. Samantha Akkineni will reportedly play the role of a suicide bomber in the second season of ‘The Family Man’ and this had led to protests calling for ban of the show since it hurt the sentiments of Eelam Tamils and also the people of Tamil Nadu. 

The Tamil Nadu government even requested the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, seeking a ban on the screening of the web series on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video. 

Amid the ongoing protests, Amazon Prime Video has now issued a gag order for Samantha Akkineni, barring her from speaking about the show. A trade source told Bollywood Hungama, “There are always protests to certain characters or portrayals in films or series, this comes since the audience are only exposed to a small part of what to expect, which could look a certain way. In the case with Samantha’s character in The Family Man 2, people have taken an objection to her character, but they have not really seen the full range of what she portrays.”

The source added, “Amazon Prime Video like most content creators would like to avoid controversies prior to the release of their venture. The gag order to refrain from speak about the show is exactly that, so the audience feeling and sentiments that have been hurt can be assuaged.” 

Meanwhile, in the statement shared by actor Manoj Bajpayee, director duo Raj and DK said, “Some assumptions and impressions have been made based on just a couple of shots in the trailer. Many of our lead cast members, as well as key members of the creative & writing team, are Tamilians. We are very cognizant of the sentiments of the Tamil people and Tamil culture and have nothing but the utmost love and respect towards our Tamil people.”

Requesting people to watch the show first, they continued, “We have put in years of hard work into this show, and we have taken great pains to bring to our audiences a sensitive, balanced, and riveting story – much like we did in Season 1 of the show. We request everyone to wait and watch the show when it releases. We know you’ll appreciate it once you watch it.” 

While speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Manoj Bajpayee said, “You will feel very proud of the show. This is one series which believes in diversity. Please watch this show and you will feel very proud of this show for the fact that it not only tells you a good story, but it also tells you how proud this show and the creators are of the Tamil culture and sensibility.”

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