The ‘frosting’ on these Corn Flakes was worth $3 million, officials in Ohio say

Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati found 44 pounds of cocaine-coated Corn Flakes in a shipment from Peru, they said.

Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati discovered 44 kilos of cocaine-coated Corn Flakes in a cargo from Peru, they mentioned.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Boxes of “frosted” Corn Flakes seized in Ohio this month weren’t precisely breakfast-friendly, officials say.

Bico, a drug-detecting canine for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Cincinnati, alerted to a big cargo of cereal whereas testing cargo from Peru on Feb. 13, officials mentioned Friday.

The cereal was headed to a house in Hong Kong.

Officers opened the containers of Corn Flakes to take a better look and observed the cereal appeared a little bit humorous — the field contained white powder and the Corn Flakes have been coated in a grey substance, officials mentioned.

Officers examined the Corn Flakes, in addition to the powder, and realized the cereal wasn’t coated with frosting — it was coated with cocaine, the company mentioned.

All-in-all, officials say they seized 44 kilos of cocaine-coated Corn Flakes. The cargo had an estimated road worth of $2,822,400, in response to the company.

It’s not the primary time officials have discovered medication hidden in cereal containers.

During a visitors cease in October, New York police discovered 4 pounds of cocaine hidden inside two containers of Lucky Charms, McClatchy News beforehand reported.

Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie mentioned smugglers will conceal medication in “anything imaginable.”

CBP seized about 3,677 kilos of medicine at U.S. ports of entry on a typical day in 2020, the company mentioned.

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