‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ star Sumona Chakravarti sizzles in swimwear, shares photos from her first solo birthday trip

Comedienne-actor Sumona Chakravarti on Friday took to her Instagram handle to share some stunning photos from her first solo birthday trip. ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ star who turned 33 on June 24, is currently holidaying at a luxurious palace-hotel in Udaipur and teased her fans with a glimpse of her lavish stay at the RAAS Devigarh property. 

For her special day, Sumona chose to go away from the hustle and bustle of her daily life where most of the time has been spent indoors owing to the pandemic, to celebrate and take a break from the stay-at-home monotonous life. 

Sumona Chakravarti gave a sneak peek of her birthday celebration in her recent Instagram post where she shared a series of photos that included a birthday cake, the actress soaking up the sun dressed in black sexy swimwear and two other photos where, in one of them Sumona is seen sitting by the balcony and enjoying the view of the city and another of the night sky with the moon shining brightly in the distance. 

Take a look at the photos here: 

In May, Sumona had revealed that she is jobless and battling endometriosis stage 4. 

Sharing her personal ordeal with fans through her social media handle, the ace comedian and actor talked about going through a mental health crisis because of the Covid-19 lockdown. Pouring her heart out, Sumona revealed that he has been battling endometriosis since 2011 while adding she has been in stage 4 for many years now. 

In her Instagram, alongside a picture of herself post-workout, where one can see her flushed, red face, Suoman wrote that the lockdown has been “emotionally hard” for her. She also added that “good eating habit, exercise & most importantly no stress is key” to her well-being. 

In her post-script note, Sumona wrote that it wasn’t easy for her to share her feelings and that it was “way out of her comfort zone” but she hoped to bring a smile or inspire in any way to even a handful of souls” through it. 

In the caption, Sumona wrote, “Did a proper workout at home after ages….Some days i feel guilty, because boredom is privilege. I may be unemployed & yet am able to feed my family & myself. That is privilege. Sometimes i feel guilty. Specially when am feeling low due to pms’in. The mood swings play havoc emotionally. Something ive never shared before. I have been battling endometriosis since 2011. Been in stage IV for many years now. A good eating habit, exercise & most importantly no stress is key to my well being. The lockdown has been emotionally hard for me. Today i worked out. Felt good. Thought ill share my feelings for whoever is reading this to understand that all that glitters is not gold. We are all struggling with something or the other in our lives. We all have our own battles to fight. We’re surrounded by loss, pain, grief, stress, hatred. But all you need is LOVE, COMPASSION & KINDNESS. N then we’ll sail through this storm as well. P.s sharing such a personal note wasn’t easy at all. It was way out of my comfort zone. But if this post can bring a smile or inspire in any way to even a handful of souls, then i guess it was all worth it. Much Love  #circleoflife #circleofhope #YouAreNotAloneInThis (sic).”

Sumona became a household name after she played Kapil Sharma’s wife in the hit comedy show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’. Their on-screen banter is much-loved by the viewers, however, the show is currently off-air. 

But fans are in for a treat since the show is about to return with a new season soon. 

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