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A woman named Edith Murway, who turns 100 on August 8 this year, set the Guinness World Record for becoming the ‘oldest competitive female powerlifter in the world’. This former dance teacher from the local recreation center, who hails from Florida, is no stranger to physical activity.

With some surprisingly cold shivers to her younger counterparts, Edith effortlessly lifted more than 15 to 60kg.


Guinness World Records wrote on Instagram: ‘The oldest competitive power runner Edith Murway-Traina from Florida, USA, is celebrating her 100th birthday this week! She appears in the # GWR2022… (sic) ”

A look back at her fitness journey:

Unlike many who would like to sit in their old age, Edith started practicing with her good friend, Carmen Gutworth, at the age of 91. She invites her to the gym, where she sees many women picking up weights as a form of exercise. “While watching the ladies do their thing, I thought I should just pick up a few pubs as well, and I did,” the Guinness World Record said.

Edith soon saw how she enjoyed it and wanted to get better and better. She started working so hard and became part of the team with her coach Bill and Carmen who won several trophies.

“She bends down and picks up the trophy as if it were her purse,” Carmen says, adding, “She will not stop, and all that is difficult makes her more determined.”

Her determination led to her winning several competitions. She has also inspired many people to believe that no matter how old you are, as long as you keep working hard.

Netizens were also seen in the comments section cheering the record holder. “She looks good for 100,” wrote one Instagram user. “It’s amazing,” wrote another.

So, what do you think of this?

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