This company is offering Rs 87 lakh to post memes all day! Know how to apply

By now, I’m sure most of us have heard of memes. They’re all over the internet and social media whether it’s a GIF or image that we can relate to in some way or form.

But did you know that you can also earn money by creating and posting memes? Yes, we are talking about a legitimate job.

A Colorado-based company named Gitcoin is currently hiring someone to make memes and manage their online community on Twitter and Discord.

The role is of a ‘Meme Artist/Sh**poster + Community Manager’ and is 100% remote and full-time.

A Twitter user, Nial Eliason, sharing the link to Gitcoin’s employment advert tweeted, “This is a six-figure meme-making job at a legit company. No matter how silly your kid’s interests seem… don’t ever tell them they should give them up for a real job.”

As per Gitcoin, the ideal candidate for this role should be someone with “some experience with crypto communities, solid organizational skills, great vibes, and already spends way too much time on Twitter and Discord”. Describing the role further, the company said, “This role will include elements of design, community building, and developer relations.”

Responsibilities, as per Gitcoin-

1. Creating content around events and activities happening in the Gitcoin community.

2. Memeing Gitcoin’s community governance process into existence.

3. Moderating Discord and other channels where the Gitcoin community lives.

4. Finding new and novel ways to improve the Discord experience

5. Helping new community members navigate the ecosystem and go from 0-1 in web3.

6. Moderating and posting updates on Gitcoin’s Twitter.


The job offer is posted on Cryptocurrency jobs and pays from $80,000 – $120,000 or an upper limit of Rs 87,04,860.

How to apply?

Send them an email with a link to your Twitter/GitHub (if you’re active there), tell them about your experience managing another Discord community and send some 10/10 memes.

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