This company is selling space tickets for whopping 3 crores

The time has come when your dream of flying into space will no longer be a dream but it definitely seems to come with a massive price. Yes, Richard Branson’s company spaceship company Virgin Galactic recently announced that it will open ticket sales on Thursday (August 5) for space flights starting at $450,000 or Rs Rs 3,33,51,772 per seat. This comes weeks after Branson himself took a high profile trip to the edge of the space.  

Branson took the flight on July 11 and flew more than 50 miles above the New Mexico desert aboard a Virgin Galactic rocket plane and safely returned in the vehicle’s first fully crewed test flight to space. It was a milestone for him and his team considering he began the project seventeen years ago. The shares of the company saw a rise by 5 per cent after the announcement was made. 

The announcement of open ticket sales came after Virgin Galactic received approval from the U.S. aviation safety regulator to fly people to space. 

The announcement also stated that the flight will have three services to offer – a single seat, a multi-seat package and a full-flight buyout.

Here’s how you can register for this once in a lifetime experience: 

– Register yourself with to win free tickets. 

– Or you can simply log on to and fill in the information required by the company. That’s all. 

– You need to be fully vaccinated to go on this flight. 

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