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Kolkata: Problems in Tollywood refuse to get over. That too after a meeting was held on June 24 where Tollywood’s stakeholders met with state minister Aroop Biswas, chairperson of Trinamool Congress’ cultural cell and MLA Raj Chakraborty and actor-director Parambrata Chatterjee to sort out the matter.
Problem surfaced after a message was circulated stating that technicians will not shoot any new megaserials unless the Welfare Association of Television Producers (WATP) signs an agreement with Federation of Cine Technicians & Workers of Eastern India (FCTWEI). Chakraborty, who is also the chairman of the I&CA, Sports and Youth Standing Committee of the state assembly, has reacted sharply to such a decision. “At our meeting, it was clearly decided that all work will go on while the process of formulating and singing the agreement is in progress. Our minister was kind enough to give his time and hear all sides when we came to this decision about everyone extending their cooperation in case of new projects. Why is there a violation now?” he wondered.
Chakraborty insists that such instances of non-cooperation are only earning a bad name for the industry. “The chief minister wanted this problem to be solved. That is why we were sent to talk to WATP, FCTWEI, West Bengal Motion Picture Artists Forum and channel heads at the meeting. Violating the decision taken there is insulting those who were sent to address the issue,” he said.
Time has come, Chakraborty said, to figure out who or which forces are trying to derail the process of working smoothly in this industry. “We have to identify who is behind all this. Are these forces under the impression that they are more important than the representatives being sent by the government to sort out the issues? I clearly want to know their motive and agenda. Our chief minister has so many important issues to address. We need to know if the issues are being created to cause a disturbance in the industry,” he said.
What is worrying him further is that all these hassles are directly ruining the chances of the industry that has been suffering a lot during the pandemic. “People have been out of work. Now that attempts are being made to try and generate employment, why is any force trying to derail that process? We are already reeling under the third wave. There are apprehensions of another wave lashing on our shores yet again. Nobody is sure about what will happen then. Why rob people of their chance to earn money now? Who will take their financial responsibility if shooting needs to be stalled again because of a third wave? A problem can always be sorted out by having a word with each other at a discussion. Taking this route is harming all of us and earning a bad name for our industry,” he said.

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