This New Designer Is Deconstructing Clothing and Building a Creative Community in Stockholm

Today in Stockholm 50 people will gather to mark the launch of Ellen Hodakova Larsson’s first for-sale drop and e-commerce platform.

Why put on a party in a city still in the midst of COVID restrictions? Because during lockdown, this designer’s studio became not only a meeting place for creatives, but ground-zero for a new kind of community and energy. “A lot of things are happening, and a lot of creatives actually reach out… and come together and collab with different things and just lift each other up. So it feels like Stockholm is…it’s vibes here, it’s something new,” says Larsson on a call.

Ellen Hodakova Larsson.

Photo: Jennie Rosén / Courtesy of the photographer

Community might be a buzzword of the moment, but it translates differently according to country and custom. Stockholm is a city more known for its chic than camaraderie. And generally speaking its creative scene has remained rather siloed. “It’s so interesting that people actually integrate over the lines right now. Before it was more like all the people that went to the Royal Arts school were together, and then all the musicians were together; it was so parted,” remarks Larsson.

Part of this coming-together atmosphere can be explained by the unique circumstances of pandemic life, which forced people to stay at home with a surfeit of time on their hands, and provided the opportunity to form relationships deeper than the kiss-and-run cocktail variety. “I think [Stockholm]’s more human right now,” notes Larsson. “Everyone is just happy to meet other people. We’ve actually been good with the restrictions and everything; something is happening, it’s like a relief for everyone, and everyone sees each other in new ways.”

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