Tilted house hits the market in Vermont. Take a look – but try not to get dizzy



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A wonderfully unique, not to mention askew, property has hit real estate market in Marshfield, Vermont for $195,000, though it may have already found itself a new owner after only being listed for a short time.

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The 1,133 square foot “tilted” house that sits on 8.41 acres is currently in “contingent” after being on the market for 14 days, the listing on Realtor says. And thanks to its intriguing design, it’s easy to see why it would get snapped up so quickly.

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It is unlike any other house I have been in,” listing agent Janel Johnson said to Realtor. “When I first walked in, I think my first thought was: This is utterly cool and utterly unique. I have never been in a house like this.”

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The two-bedroom, one-bathroom abode comes complete with a load of other cool features, including cathedral ceilings, large windows, a galley kitchen, movie viewing nook, propane boiler, and more. There’s even a little fairy tale-like guest cottage on the property for out-of-town visitors.

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“It’s got really interesting lines,” Johnson said to Realtor. “When you see the house from the road, you think: How is that going to work on the inside? But then you walk in and it works beautifully. It’s all very clear.”

Interior Screen grab from Realtor

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