Tokyo Olympics: Goalkeeper PR Sreejesh’s Fiery Speech Boosted Team Morale After Semifinals Loss

India Wins Bronze In Tokyo: Indian men’s hockey team’s goalkeeper Sreejesh’s dream was finally fulfilled at the Tokyo Olympics. PR Sreejesh, who has represented Team India for the last three Olympics, became the hero of the Indian team’s victory today. India defeated Germany 5-4 in the bronze medal clash.

India’s victory has created history in the Olympics as well. India captured the Olympic medal in hockey after 41 years. Goalkeeper PR Sreejesh’s contribution to India’s success at the Tokyo Olympics was very important. He saved the team from defeat by preventing the opposition from scoring on several occasions on this Olympic journey.

Sreejesh boosted the team’s morale after the semi-final defeat

Sreejesh, who is playing his last Olympics, encouraged the Indian team when they lost 2-5 to Belgium in the semi-finals. The whole team was disappointed with the semi-final defeat. With his experience, Sreejesh encouraged the entire team and said, “The defeat to Belgium is now a thing of the past and we need to focus on returning after winning medals. We don’t have time to be disappointed or worried. We have to think about the future and learn from defeat and focus on winning the medal”.

Dream fulfilled after a long wait and hard work

Sreejesh, one of the world’s finest hockey goalkeepers, made his entry into the Indian team in 2006. Since the beginning, his only dream was to bring a medal for the country in the Olympics. He worked very hard for this dream and faced many hardships.  At the end of his 15-year hockey career, Sreejesh’s dream finally came true, and now he has won a bronze medal for his country at the Tokyo Olympics.


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