Tomato Price Hike: Burns common man’s pockets as its rates cross INR 100/kg in Mumbai

Now, rising prices of tomatoes is burning a hole in common man’s pockets as its rates have hit a century in several metropolitan cities, including Mumbai.

Besides, prices for other vegetables, such as capsicum and onions, have also risen. The prices are expected to be high in both wholesale and retail markets in the coming days due to short supply caused by unseasonal rain and damaged crops.

As moderate to heavy unseasonal rainfalls were observed this month, it resulted in the tomato crop being damaged, thereby leading to a tight supply situation. Tomato crops are generally ready for harvest around two to three months after planting.

In many parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, the price of tomato has jumped sharply to INR 100 per kilo as on November 25.

Besides, there are chances that the price of staple vegetables like onions and potatoes will increase further due to elevated diesel prices and lack of supply due to crop damage triggered by unseasonal rains.

On Saturday, November 20, the price was INR 50, which is considered to be the highest in the season at the APMC wholesale market yard, which pushed retail prices between INR 70 and 100 a kg in the MMR.

However, the surge in tomato prices has become the fodder for hilarious memes and jokes online. Twitter users expressed their disappointment on the microblogging platform in the most amusing way possible.

The Congress, that has been consistently slamming the government for rising inflation, did not leave any stones unturned to slam the Centre.

Meanwhile, other vegetables are being retailed at INR 60-80 per kg due to sudden spurt of prices at the wholesale market.

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