Top Five Most Memorable Knockouts in MMA History

Knockouts are a crowd thriller in mixed martial arts (MMA), and not many things excite Indian MMA enthusiasts more than seeing their favorite fighter knockout an opponent mid-bout. 

While knockout wins happen frequently, some are so iconic that we can consider them the best in history. This article will look back at some of the most memorable knockouts in MMA and why they deserve a spot in the history books. 

Some fighters like Derrick Lewis and Vitor Belfort are renowned for being knockout kings, but it doesn’t mean they pulled the most outrageous knockouts in MMA history. Before moving any further, Telecomasia provides the most accurate betting predictions on top MMA fights. Click on the homepage to see predictions from top-vetted experts on your favorite sports fixtures.

With that out of the way, here are some of the most epic professional MMA knockouts in no particular order.

1. Jose Aldo vs. Conor MacGregor, UFC 194

Conor McGregor needs no introduction in the fighting world as the Irishman has always been at the top of his game. However, Jose Aldo wasn’t a slouch either, as he had been unbeaten in all of his 15 fights before the meeting with Conor McGregor.

The fight started with hostilities as both players immediately went into combat without touching gloves. Conor McGregor quickly began business as usual with a missed punch and well-connected kick. 

He didn’t give Aldo a break and was hitting him repeatedly before connecting a left hook which knocked Aldo out after just 13 seconds.

He celebrated the win widely, but many MMA enthusiasts were puzzled that McGregor decided a UFC match of that caliber after just 13 seconds. Today, the fight is still considered one of the best knockouts in MMA history.

2. Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping, UFC 204

Both boxers stepped into the ring with high expectations, but Michael Bisping was the most vocal through the build-up to the bout. 

However, Dan Henderson allowed his blows to do the talking as he knocked out his opponent in an unforgettable UFC bout on the 11th of July 2009. The American defeated his opponent via a second-round knockout, although he’s already weakened him with a series of devastating blows.

Both boxers met again in an epic rematch on the 8th of October 2016 in Manchester. Henderson won again to stamp his supremacy over the Englishman. 

While these two rivals met twice, experts and fans agree unequivocally that their initial fight features one of the best MMA knockouts of all time.

3. Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort, UFC 126

This fight was one of the most anticipated at the time, as Anderson Silva put his middleweight championship on the line to fight Belfort. While Anderson was the favorite to win the fight, the manner with which he did it was superb. 

Anderson was a speedy fighter who relied on his movements and angles to deal damage to his opponents, while Belfort was more of a heavy punch man.

The fighters spent the first minute of the game reading themselves, but Vitor was the man that made the first move. 

This move angered Anderson, who retaliated and defeated his fellow Brazilian after around one minute and 30 seconds with a kick to the face. It was a massive win for Anderson, but to the MMA world, it was a fight to remember and one of the most memorable knockouts in history.

4. Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture, UFC 52

Rematches are always exciting to watch as the victor will look to stamp supremacy while the vanquished will be looking for revenge. Revenge was what happened when Chuck Liddell met Randy Couture in an epic UFC bout at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas in 2005. The two rivals had met in 2003, with Couture winning the fight.

The fight was tightly contested until Couture accused Lidell of poking him in the eye. Officials paused the contest briefly, but Chuck Liddell would later knock out Randy Couture, courtesy of a heavy right-handed jab to the face. 

“The Iceman” became the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion via a knockout that remains one of the most historic in MMA’s until this day.

5. Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm, UFC 195

Ronda Rousey hadn’t lost a single game before her fight with Holly Holm, and she’s defeated her last four opponents in a combined time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Holly Holm was also a maestro who had done her homework before entering the cage with the Women’s Bantamweight Champion. Ronda ignored the pre-match glove touch and went straight into the action.

However, Holly wasn’t making things easy for her from the get-go, and it seems like Holly is poised to have a perfect match after winning the first round. Fifty-nine seconds later, Holly did complete the perfect fight as she struck Ronda with a powerful face kick and followed it up with a series of punches to ensure that she kept her opponent down and won the fight by knockout.

She won the welterweight championship and inflicted Ronda’s first career defeat in style.


MMA fighters aspire to end fights as quickly as possible, so they result in throwing heavy punches and kicks to achieve their goal. There have been numerous fantastic knockouts in MMA, but these five are the most memorable.

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