Translation and Localization of Games and Why they are Important

The video game industry is one of the flourishing industries of the world. At present, the demand for video games is more enhanced because, in this unprecedented time when people are staying at home, video games are the best source of entertainment. Do you know how people can opt for your game? They will choose your game if it is their native language. Here comes the need for gaming translation services.

What is Game Localization?

Translation helps to convert your text from one language to another whereas localization is about adapting the text according to the specific market. Generally, when people talk about video game translation services, they technically mean game localization. Both these terms are used interchangeably to release a game in a foreign market. Therefore, translating a game means localizing the content. So, the video game translators translate the dialogues and sentences in a way so that it feels native to the gamers. Video localization cannot be completed without two important factors, culturalization, and internationalization.


Centralization helps the gamers to get engaged in the game without any cultural intricacies. It is important to make the content of the game according to the local culture.  The localized game is sensitive to the local beliefs, religion, and history.


Internationalization helps to complete the localization process without any difficulty. With it, you can empower the architecture and code of the game in multiple languages. The entire internalization process is to remove any element in the process that is not accepted by the locals.

Process of Video Game Translation and Localization  

Video game translation and localization can be done using the following seven steps.

  •         Identify the content that has to be translated and localized
  •         Develop a localized strategy
  •         Remove strings from the code
  •         Extract and export the content that has to be localized
  •         Translate the audio and text of the game
  •         Integrate the localized content
  •         Do a linguistic check for the localized content

Why Video Game Translation and Localization is different

Video game translation and localization is different. This is because it is related to space in the game and contains a graphic interface. Therefore, you have to consider the text, image, and audio in the translation and localization process. Moreover, you also have to take into account translation in the form of subtitling and dubbing which are different from traditional practices. The main objective of game translation and localization is not creativity but is the functionality of the game. 

Why are they Important

Video game translation and localization are important because of the following reasons.

  •         People will prefer to download games in their native language. Thus, it will increase sales.
  •         Gamers will feel that games are designed for them. Therefore, they will feel valued.
  •         They help you to stand out in the fierce competition of the digital world.
  •         They assist you to secure a higher ranking in-app store.
  •         Last but not least, they save you from embarrassment in the global world. This is because things that are considered valid in one region can be offensive in another region.

Hire a Professional Translation Company

Game developers make a big mistake in the way that they hire the localization and video game translation services of companies that are not experts in their fields. 

Remember that translators that are not gamers don’t know the gaming world. On the other hand, game developers are not translators so they don’t know how to translate a game. Therefore, it results in low-quality video games and can ruin the entire localization process.

You should invest your time and money in hiring a professional translation company that specializes in providing impeccable localization and video game translation services.  These companies have a team of proficient linguists that can easily translate and localize your game according to the target market.

Wrapping Up

Translation and localization of Games seem to be a daunting task but you can make this task easy if you develop your game with the concept of translation and localization in mind. This will make the entire process easy and you will be able to boost your sales globally.

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