‘True companion’: Dog chases ambulance carrying sick owner to hospital, video goes viral

A video of a dog chasing an ambulance that was carrying its sick owner has gone viral on social media. According to netizens, the moving incident was a testimony to the bond they shared.

According to news agency Reuters, the golden retriever chased after the ambulance that rode away with its owner through Buyukada Island, Istanbul, on June 9. As per the report, the woman was seeking treatment at home before the first responders made the decision to take her to the hospital.

The video shows the dog continuing its guardianship as its owner was loaded into the vehicle. The animal can also be seen trying to get inside the ambulance. However, the paramedics did not allow the dog inside, presumably for safety and hygienic reasons.

As the ambulance rode away, the determined pooch ran after the vehicle, making it to the hospital, along with the ambulance. The video ends with the dog waiting at the hospital entrance as the paramedics take its owner inside for further observation.

Watch the video here:

As per a New York Post report, the dog reportedly reunited with its owner soon after.

The video left many feeling emotional on social media. Several of them even expressed concern for the dog. Take a look at some of the reactions here:

A similar incident happened in 2018 in China’s Daqing, when a pet dog refused to leave the side of its owner after she fainted. The video showed a golden retriever circling around the woman while she was on a stretcher.

Refusing to leave her alone, the anxious dog attempted to jump on the stretcher several times before finally hopping into the ambulance, riding along to the hospital.

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