Tucker Carlson: Why Republicans no longer recognize their own party

For fairly a while now we’ve questioned what’s occurring with congressional Republicans. There are a lot of good folks within the Republican Party, however the level of a political party is to not be good, it’s to symbolize the pursuits of its voters. That’s the one cause political events exist. There is no different cause to have them besides to symbolize their voters.

Yet yr after yr, on subject after subject, the management of the Republican Party fails to do this. We’re not guessing about this. We know what Republican voters care about. They inform pollsters on a regular basis. Since they stored getting ignored, in 2016 they elected Donald Trump, simply to make it extremely clear what they cared about. If that wasn’t a wake-up name, nothing could be.

However, it stays true that the priorities of the individuals who run the Republican Party are very completely different — in some circumstances, utterly completely different — from the priorities of the individuals who vote Republican. Why is that? Well, there are many causes, in all probability, however Frank Luntz is certainly one in every of them.

Luntz — Dr. Frank I. Luntz, as he’s typically referred to as, at his request — is the Republican Party’s longest-serving message man. For a long time, Frank Luntz has instructed elected Republicans what to say and precisely find out how to say it. Luntz massages language for politicians. Just this week, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) invited Luntz to Florida for its so-called “policy summit,” the place he was requested to weigh in on the “hot topics.” Luntz’s job was to inform Republicans how to consider a very powerful problems with the day. We didn’t hear the presentation, however there’s no doubt it was compelling. 


Frank Luntz is a easy salesman. He’s been round for some time. The drawback is that Frank Luntz’s views are very completely different from these of your common Republican voter. Frank Luntz is a standard liberal. His most important purchasers are left-wing companies like Google. When Frank Luntz offers recommendation to congressional Republicans, he’s acquired Google’s perspective in thoughts. That’s an enormous drawback.

We needed to speak to Luntz about all of this, to not assault him personally, however becaise it’s fascinating and it’s vital. We texted him an invite, however he didn’t reply. That’s od,  since we’ve identified him nicely for a very long time.  

In 2019, for instance, he tweeted this greeting, which tells you numerous about him: “This Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to the men and women of the FBI, CIA, and the intel services.” Even on Thanksgiving, Frank Luntz took time to bow earlier than the highly effective.

So why does Frank Luntz stay a fixture in Republican politics at a time when the businesses he works for are explicitly against the Republican Party? Well, partly as a result of he’s notably near House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy R-Calif., and has been since McCarthy entered politics. 


In an interview earlier this yr, Luntz described Kevin McCarthy as a private buddy. That relationship offers Frank Luntz outsized affect over the Republican Party’s coverage positions. Take the border disaster. Luntz’s view of immigration could be very very similar to Google’s view of immigration: America wants much more of it straight away. Anyone who disagrees with that could be a racist. Now, quite than merely say that out loud — quite than simply make his case, in different phrases —  Frank Luntz slyly attire up his own private opinions as a social science.  

He’ll conduct one thing referred to as a “focus group,” a moderated dialog between a number of those that has no precise relevance to something. It’s simply random folks yammering. Your ninety-second trade with the UPS man this morning meant greater than a Frank Luntz focus group. Yet purely on the foundation of that irrelevant dialog, Luntz manages to make pronouncements concerning the nation and the way the Republican Party ought to reply to it. Most of these pronouncements, as you’ll be able to think about, are inclined to comport completely along with his own views, in addition to the views of Google executives.  

Axios reported recently on new Luntz findings about immigration. What did Frank Luntz supposedly discover out about immigration? It seems that Republican voters are literally dying to provide amnesty to as many international nationals as attainable. They’re demanding it straight away. It’s a high precedence for them. 

FRANK LUNTZ: They [Trump voters] imagine in immigrants and immigration. They are pro-immigration and actually, I used to be somewhat stunned due to what I see within the media. Trump supporters assist the DREAM Act. They assist these folks, who had been introduced right here via no fault of their own, [having] the power to earn the trail to citizenship … We want these folks, we even have an economic system that’s increasing, that’s rising.


“We’re all the children of immigrants,” he instructed us. “We need these people.” Now which may be completely true, perhaps not. We can debate it. But Frank Luntz doesn’t wish to debate it. He needs, as a substitute, to faux it’s established truth and that the Republican Party had higher pay attention and obey. Open-borders activists instantly used Luntz’s “research” to justify what they had been already doing.  

The National Immigration Forum tweeted out a hyperlink instantly. “DACA has bipartisan support,” the group wrote, pointing to Frank Luntz’s opinions posing as analysis as proof of that. “Passing the DREAM Act is an opportunity to make real, meaningful progress.”

You see? Amnesty has broad bipartisan assist. There’s a nationwide consensus in favor of opening the borders. So Republicans had higher get on board, as a result of Frank Luntz’s analysis proves they positively need it.  

This is fairly near fraud. Who’s served by it? That’s at all times the query in Washington. Well, Luntz’s company purchasers are served by it, after all, however the Democratic Party is aso served by it, a party whose priorities Frank Luntz seems to assist. In 2012 he instructed the remainder of us that, in response to his extremely scientific surveys of a dozen folks in some shopping center someplace, most Americans truly actually need the federal government to take their weapons away.


FRANK LUNTZ: The public needs weapons out of the colleges, not within the colleges. And they’re not asking for a safety official or another person. I don’t assume the NRA is listening, I don’t assume that they perceive. Most Americans would shield [their] Second Amendment rights and but agree with the concept not each human being ought to own a gun. Not each gun ought to be obtainable at any time, wherever for anybody.

Notice the language there. You can shield the Second Amendment whilst you intestine it. It’s simply frequent sense gun management. Most Americans are for that. Who does that sound like? It seems like Joe Biden, a person Frank Luntz has been mates with for a very long time. Check out the word from Frank Luntz to Hunter Biden on Hunter’s laptop computer.

Luntz’s feedback had been Democratic Party speaking factors. But should you’d like extra, there’s this: an interview from final summer time through which Luntz explains that the phrase “law and order” is in some way offensive to most individuals. Keep in thoughts that on the very second Frank Luntz was saying this, American cities had been on fireplace and folks had been dying. Why? Because there was no legislation and no order. 

FRANK LUNTZ: Well I used to be essential that he [Trump] used the phrases legislation and order. He’s assuming that we now have the identical politics as 1968 … Donald Trump doesn’t understand you could govern in a robust, secure, profitable method and nonetheless use language that’s heat and sort and empathetic.

Stopping riots isn’t heat and sort and empathetic. Doesn’t assist fairness

If that sounds rather a lot like one thing a company HR government may say, you shouldn’t be stunned. As we stated, Luntz’s most important enterprise is just not serving to the Republican Party. No, his most important enterprise is working for left-wing corporations that despise the Republican Party, are horrified by Republican voters and all they imagine. Luntz’s lengthy record of company purchasers contains Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, Facebook, Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney, Delta Air Lines, and the Chamber of Commerce. These are the individuals who pay Frank Luntz’s payments. In his spare time, Frank Luntz tells Kevin McCarthy find out how to run the Republican Party. You can see the battle there. You marvel the way it’s been allowed to proceed. 

In case you assume we’re overstating Frank Luntz’s allegiance to company energy, check out his Twitter feed. 

“Delta employees made them the top-rated airline,” he wrote final January, in what sounded very very similar to a press launch. “That’s something that only good workers can do, not shareholders.”

Not way back, when Donald Trump referred to as for boycotting Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines after they interfered, in a really surprising method, in Georgia’s political system, Luntz got here to their protection. Of course he did. They’re his purchasers.  

“This left-wing cancel culture is out of control,” he wrote mockingly. Did Coke and Delta ship him a bonus for that? We don’t know, however they need to have.  

Either method, toadying for giant companies pays nicely. Luntz has even constructed a duplicate of the Oval Office in his residence.

JOE KERNEN, CNBC: What is that, the place are you?

LUNTZ: It was very type of Donald Trump to provide me his Oval Office and I’m very lucky. This is actual, this can be a chair, this isn’t {a photograph}, that is truly my residence in California. This is a 78% [scale] duplicate of the Oval Office. And over right here, as I flip this round, that is the Lincoln Bedroom. So I’m the one one that has an Oval Office you could truly sleep in and also you don’t must be a presidential intern … And this can be a real Resolute desk … We’ve acquired the humidor from Bill Clinton, let me see if I can that within the shot. These are couches from Bill Clinton, that is the entire thing.

The level of this isn’t to assault Frank Luntz personally. He’s a pleasant sufficient man. The query is to ask what’s actually occurring right here. Would you are taking medical recommendation, for instance, from Frank Luntz? Should you must?

If you’ve listened to him not too long ago, he very a lot needs you to take the vaccine. Vaccines are nice. Only a loopy individual wouldn’t get the shot.

Frank Luntz hasn’t stated rather a lot, nonetheless, about his longtime work for Pfizer. Nor does he brag about his work for Purdue Pharma, the corporate that acquired rural America hooked on opioids.


In 2003, as the opioid epidemic devastated whole areas of the United States, Frank Luntz inspired extra folks to take OxyContin. Are we making this up? No, we’re not.  

“I am a proponent of the pharmaceutical industry,” Frank Luntz instructed PBS. “I am a supporter of a very famous medication right now, OxyContin, because I think that this is a miracle drug which allows people to get through the day.

“I imagine that there are issues value preventing for.” Yeah. Apparently. 

A lawsuit filed against Purdue Pharma by the state of Massachusetts in 2019 includes multiple references to Luntz. According to the suit, Luntz and his company helped Purdue Pharma devise ways of “deflecting blame from Purdue’s addictive medication by stigmatizing individuals who change into addicted.” The state of Vermont filed a similar lawsuit against Purdue Pharma that also mentioned Luntz. 


According to the lawsuits, Luntz proposed that Purdue Pharma adopt a strategy of emphasizing some quote, “KEY MESSAGES THAT WORK” — spelled in all caps for emphasis. One of those messages: “It’s not dependancy, it’s abuse. It’s about private duty.” Got it. So your 19-year-old just died of a drug OD after Purdue Pharma flooded your town with addictive drugs. But stop complaining. It’s her fault she died. It’s about personal responsibility.  

This is the guy Republican leaders went to just this week for “messaging steerage on scorching subjects.” And you wonder why you no longer recognize the party that you vote for.

 This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the April 30, 2021, edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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