UK PM Boris Johnson Ahead Of India Visit

New Delhi: Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has stated that his planned visit to India will focus on problems “that genuinely matter” to the people of India and the United Kingdom.

PM Johnson said in a tweet today that he is visiting India to “deepen the long-term partnership between our countries.”

Taking to Twitter, PM Johnson said, “This week I’ll be travelling to India, to deepen the long-term partnership between our countries. As we face threats to our peace and prosperity from autocratic states, it is vital that democracies and friends stick together.”

While referring to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Johnson said, “India, as a major economic power and the world’s largest democracy, is a highly valued strategic partner for the UK in these uncertain times.”

“My visit to India will deliver on the things that really matter to the people of both our nations – from job creation and economic growth, to energy security and defence,” the British Prime Minister tweeted,

Johnson’s travel to India would also mark the completion of four of the 26 chapters in the ongoing India-UK free trade agreement, or FTA, discussions.

According to the news agency PTI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mr Johnson are scheduled to take stock of the discussions and prescribe a timeframe for the probable conclusion of the process, which was previously planned for the end of this year.

According to insiders close to the talks, there has also been “substantial progress” in the other 22 chapters of the FTA after the conclusion of the first two rounds of formal negotiations, with the third round of talks slated for later this month, according to PTI.

The focus of PM Johnson’s India tour is scheduled to be on April 21 and 22, when he will hold bilateral conversations and connect with Indian business leaders.

A joint statement, which is now being drafted by both parties, is expected to encompass agreements in a range of sectors, including defence and security, as well as education.


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