Uniformed man steals Rs 1.50L from fuel station employee

A fuel station employee alleged {that a} turbaned ma, in a police uniform, stole Rs 1.50 lakh from his rucksack bag, when the latter was given a elevate at Madhya Marg.

Police have began the investigation after registering a DDR at PS 26.

The police was additionally supplied the footage of the suspect recorded in a CCTV digital camera put in at Grain Market, Sector 26.

In the footage, the suspected turbaned man within the police uniform was noticed escaping on one other motorbike.

The fuel station employee, Akash Kumar, reported to the police that the incident occurred within the night of Monday. Akash Kumar works at a fuel station in Sector 34.

The proprietor of the fuel station, Ranjan Singh, is a resident of Sector 7 in Panchkula.

Akash Kumar reported to police that he used at hand over the money on the home of fuel station proprietor in Sector 7.

On Monday, he was going to Sector 7 on his motorbike with the money in his rucksack bag. Near the Sector 7 roundabout, a man in a police uniform signaled him to cease.

Sources mentioned Akash claimed that he stopped the motorbike underneath the impression that the uniform man wished to examine his paperwork.

Akash reported that the uniformed man requested for the elevate. Akash additional reported that he dropped the uniformed man at Grain Market-26 roundabout. And when he reached the home of his employer, Ranjan Singh, in Sector 7, the cash was lacking from the bag.

A police officer mentioned, “We are in the process to identify the suspect. We have circulated the footage of the suspect to different wings. Investigation is on. The uniformed man signaled the motorcyclist Akash Kumar to stop at the dividing road of Sector 26/27. And the uniformed man was dropped near Grain Market.”

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