UP Man Returns Home From Hospital After Battling COVID-19 For Over 4 Months

Meerut: After a long and hard battle with COVID-19 for more than four months, Vishwas Saini was discharged from the hospital after he recovered from the virus. The COVID-19 patient was discharged from Nutema hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut after 130 days, said a doctor. Vishwas Saini tested positive for COVID-19 on April 28.Also Read – Covid-19 Likely to Become More Manageable in Next 6 Months: Expert | Top Points

Dr Avneet Rana, who treated Saini at Nutema Hospital, said, “He tested positive for COVID on April 28. Initially, he was kept at home but later, was admitted to the hospital after his condition deteriorated. We have kept him on the ventilator for almost one month because his oxygen level reached 16 only.” Also Read – Nearly After 1.5 Years of Suspension Due to COVID, Govt Plans to Resume Tourist Visas To Boost Economy

However, the patient had strong willpower to live, so he successfully managed to fight against the disease even after 130 days, the doctor added. Also Read – COVID Peak in Kerala Has Passed, New Cases to Come Down in Next 2 Weeks: AIIMS Professor

After getting discharged from the hospital, the patient expressed his happiness saying, “It feels great to be back home with my family after such a long period of time.”
At the same time, the patient said that he was very worried and scared in the hospital when he saw people dying around him due to COVID-19.

He said, “When I saw people dying at the hospital, I got worried. But my doctor motivated me and asked me to focus on my recovery.”

According to the doctor, Vishwas’s condition is stable now and he does not need an oxygen cylinder for around three to four hours at present. However, sometimes the patient needs it after spending four hours without an oxygen cylinder and he is still taking his medication.

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