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Kolkata: The higher education department has instructed colleges to update it with daily undergraduate admission details so that it can keep track and accordingly decide whether the September 30 deadline needed to be extended or not.
Admissions at most places, including sought-after institutes, have been slow with over half the seats remaining empty. “Principals are supposed to tell the department details, such as the number of students taking admission in that particular cycle and the number of vacancies, so that we know the pace at which seats are filling up. Last year, the deadline was extended multiple times as a result of which new classes could start in the third week of December. But this time, we are determined to follow the UGC guidelines and start first semester classes by October 1,” said an education department official.
“We have been instructed to upload the figures on the department’s website every day. In our college, we started uploading the details on Monday,” said the principal of a south Kolkata college. The department has also asked for the subjects witnessing maximum enrolments and those with least number of takers. “This will help us rationalise seats in future and focus on in-demand subjects,” said the education official.

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