Vadodara: Cops intensify search for missing live-in partner of inspector

After examining close to 17 unclaimed bodies of women who died by suicide across the state since June 5, the Vadodara district police has launched an extensive search for the missing 37-year-old live-in partner of a police inspector attached to Vadodara rural Special Operations Group (SOG).

The woman went missing from her home on June 5, leaving behind a two-year-old son she has with the inspector. The district police say the woman had been under stress as the inspector was not willing to divorce his wife and formalise their relationship.

Vadodara Superintendent of Police Sudhir Desai told The Indian Express that the woman’s partner had begun living in with her since 2016 after legally dissolving a previous marriage.

“The woman also had two previous marriages that were legally dissolved and they were living together since 2016 as husband and wife although she had not received social acceptance from his family. In 2017, the inspector married another woman legally but continued to live in with the 37-year-old woman. He has a child from his legal marriage as well as a two-year-old son with the missing woman.”

SP Desai added that the police inspector has said that on the evening before she went missing on June 5, the two had an argument over the issue of the legal status of their marriage. “He said, they went to bed as usual and when he woke up in the morning, he did not find the woman. She had also left behind their biological son and her mobile phone.”

The police, on June 11, began a probe on receiving a missing persons’ application from the woman’s father. The inquiry was handed over to Karjan Deputy Superintendent of Police Kalpesh Solanki, who, on Tuesday, issued advertisements in newspapers as well as directed the police officers of Karjan to begin pasting the missing woman’s photographs with the missing persons’ note at public places.

DySP Solanki told this newspaper that the inspector and the woman had married at a temple in 2016.

Solanki said, “Although it has been a month since she went missing, the chances of her being alive are higher. We have been tracking unclaimed bodies and so far we haven’t found any that matches with her.”

SP Sudhir Desai confirmed that the inspector had been sent on leave, pending an investigation. “We are ascertaining the facts and a case of bigamy can be filed against the inspector if his wife comes forward to file a complaint,” Desai said.

The missing woman’s brother said that she had not spoken to her family about the fight.

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