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Vash is scheduled to be released on 21 July, 2023. Rakshit and Aanchal had everything in the world to make it look a perfect love story. A third person appears wanting Aanchal to be part of his world at all costs. Who was he? What were his intentions?

If the enemy&nbspis visible; it is possible for Rakshit to fight him. But his enemy was an unknown evil force who was neither living nor dead.
Horrifying incidents in Aanchal’s life start unfolding; directly out of a book she was reading. What was the reason for this unsolvable incident?

Will the true love of Rakshit and Aanchal win; or will be crushed by wicked intentions of the unknown?

What will Rakshit do now? Will he turn to normal cures which have proven ineffective or will he turn to the Supernatural?
VASH- Some mysteries are better left unsolved….

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