Video: Parachutist makes emergency landing in middle of football game

In a bizarre incident, a parachutist made an emergency landing in the middle of a football pitch during a match in Poland.

GoPro footage, which is now going viral on social media, shows the parachutist flying across the pitch before landing on the halfway line. The Olimpia ElblÄ…g reserve team and PISA Primavera Barczewo were halfway through their fifth-tier match on June 6 when the incident took place.

Footage shows the players scurrying out of the way as the airborne invader nearly crashes into one of the players. The terrifying incident took a hilarious turn when the referee gave a yellow card to the parachutist.

Watch the video here:

The video also shows the man managing to hold his ground despite landing at high speed and waiting for help. A man then helps him get his chute together before they walk off the pitch.

Take a look at some of the reactions here:

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