VIDEO: US Pilot’s Miraculous Escape As His Crashed Cessna Plane Is Hit By Speeding Train

New Delhi: The Los Angeles police in California managed to rescue the out of a crash-landed plane seconds before it was hit by a train, news agency Reuters reported.

The incident took place on Sunday.

According to the report, a Cessna plane crashed-landed on railway tracks shortly after taking off from somewhere in the Pacoima neighbourhood.  

Video footage showed police officers and the pilot were just a few feet away from the tracks when a speeding train passed, hitting the plane. The debris of the plane could be seen flying in all directions, the report said.

“The plane had a failed takeoff and landed on the train tracks at a popular intersection. Just seconds before impact police officers saved the pilot, and a piece of debris almost hit me,” Luis Jimenez, a 21-year-old music composer who filmed the video, was quoted as saying.

Quoting local media, the Reuters report said the pilot was treated for cuts and bruises, and his condition is stable. No injuries were reported from the train.

The Los Angeles Police Department posted a video on Twitter, which showed bodycam footage of officers pulling the bleeding pilot out of the plane.

Applauding its officers, the department said they had “displayed heroism and quick action”.


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