VIRAL: Uttar Pradesh farmer cultivates THIS plant and earns up to Rs 17 lakhs

In order to double their money people tend to invest in financial instruments or the share market but still aren’t able to earn as much. But, this farmer from Lakhimpur Kheri found a way to make his money more than 4 times in 7 years from his farm itself. 

Now, you might think how is a farmer able to double his income by just farming? Well, he moved away from traditional farming and chose to cultivate bamboo. Suresh Chandra Verma, an educated farmer living in Sakethu village of Behjam development block of Lakhimpur Kheri, is not only cultivating bamboo but is also earning better profits by cultivating sugarcane as a co-crop in this farming in two years. 

The 65-year-old farmer inherited the land and began farming even though he had a BA LLB degree. Verma has a passion for cultivating different things like sugarcane, paddy and wheat that has made him the master of horticulture. He also plants mango, amla, litchi and lemon plantations and a lot of intergrove farming and co-cropping. 

Verma started planting bamboo in about one and a half acres of farmland. Along with this, for three years as a co-crop, the cultivation of sugarcane also continued. But from the fourth year onwards, only bamboo remained in the field.

Verma planted 234 saplings in one acre by bringing a sapling worth Rs 25 from Pantnagar Agricultural University. One plant prepares twenty to 22 bamboos in four years. Right now tillering is happening in these bamboos at a rapid pace. It is expected that there will be 40 to 50 bamboos in one bamboo plant. In the village, bamboo is sold for Rs 150. In this way, if 50-50 bamboos come out in 234 plants, then there will be 11700 bamboos. If 150 rupees per bamboo rate is found then it becomes Rs 17.55 lakhs. Now if the rate gets a little more, then it can also increase.

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