Nike At The Museum: Inside the Private View of Virgil’s Abloh’s Design Legacy

Shannon Abloh, Travis Scott, Sarah Andelman, Samuel Ross, Futura 2000, Riccardo Tisci, Daniel Arsham, Heron Preston, Laura Harrier, Benji B, Tom Sachs, Aleali May, and the Nike illuminati John Hoke, Joe Holder, and Fraser Cooke were amongst those at the opening. Also on site were Mahfuz Sultan and Chloe Wayne Sultan, leading lights in Architecture and both key flamekeepers of Abloh’s design legacy. As Chloe explained: “Mahfuz and I worked with Virgil for many years on a whole bunch of different projects. One of the main ones was that he founded a think tank, a rogue external studio called Architecture, that’s been in residence at Nike since 2020.

She added: “Since his passing we’ve been thinking deeply about how we steward his legacy in a way that shows the public the impact that he had, and which also thinks very deeply and vigorously about his practice… We want to show the ways in which sneakers were a central node of his design practice, through which he honed new techniques and experimented before then deploying those in other areas that he worked. This is why most of the show is sneakers, but we have also tried to bring in key works from the rest of his body of work to show the interactions— because he was always in conversation.” Even without its chief protagonist, that conversation continued long into the night yesterday evening at the Rubell. 

“Virgil Abloh: The Codes c/o Architecture” at the Rubell Museum is open to the public from December 1 to December 4.

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