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As the result of an intense three-week journey in which Cattani met with a large number of tribal groups to document their cultural and religious traditions, “Voodoo” is a collection of shots far from any reportage intentions: in fact, these are portraits that show the soul of each subject and somehow guard their spirituality.

Curated by Claudio Composti, the exhibition at Other Size Gallery displays fourteen photographs, medium and large in size, selected from the most significant in the series.

Colorful masks and elaborate disguises alternate with stalls overloaded with animal heads, stones, horns and roots. According to voodoo belief such masks are animated by the spirits of ancestors who by serving the bodies that wear them can communicate with their families by dispensing advice and guidance.

It is this connection to the memory of the ancestors that sparked the author’s desire to immerse himself in this world and allowed him to add a stage to his artistic journey in which the theme of memory occupies a central place.

Even the vibrant traditional textiles that frame the shots, full of symbols and hidden meanings, have the task of perpetuating the memory of the history of these ethnic groups: this is why Bruno Cattani has made them an integral part of the works.

The word “Voodoo” is translated by some as “sign of the deep.” Indeed, the everyday life of these populations is steeped in gestures, amulets, actions, dances, sacrifices and rituals, their skin is marked by tribal belonging, their clothing depicts religious symbols and codes, their homes are protected by statues and fetishes, as if every aspect of life refers to something else, to the invisible.

Voodoo • Bruno Cattani
Curated by Claudio Composti

October 6 – November 25, 2022

Monday to Friday | h 10.00-18.00

Free admission

Other Size Gallery
c/o Workness Milano,
Via Andrea Maffei 1
20135, Milan

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