WA Liberal candidate quits over ‘dangerous’ COVID-19 theory

The WA Liberal Party has sought to distance itself from Andrea Tokaji following her controversial views. Picture: Supplied

A WA Liberal Party election candidate has give up after revelations she shared her “dangerous conspiracy theories” that linked 5G know-how with COVID-19 on a conservative Christian web site.

Andrea Tokaji was pressured to withdraw because the candidate for Baldivis after it was revealed she had written an article titled ‘Are Our Fears of the Coronavirus Undermining Our Freedoms?’ on the Caldron Pool web site in April final 12 months.

In the very prolonged article, she claimed 5G towers had been “being rolled out against our knowledge — despite the known under-reported health risks” whereas WA was self-isolating in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

WA Liberal Party election candidate Andrea Tokaji has quit over the controversy. Picture: Facebook
WA Liberal Party election candidate Andrea Tokaji has give up over the controversy. Picture: Facebook

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“Based on historical, scientific and expert evidence, we have to ask: is there a correlation between the current roll out of 5G technology and COVID-19?” Ms Tokaji wrote.

She mentioned “plants around the 5G towers are dying, birds are falling dead out of the sky, and it is causing daily nose bleeds for those living next to the towers”.

“It has been claimed that Wuhan was the first city to introduce blanketed 5G,” she wrote.

“Humans are made up of vibrations, and an interference with our molecular structure by outside environmental forces such as radio waves, satellite signalling or electromagnetic fields that are introduced to our biological system poisons it, killing our DNA or damaging its functionality and ability to regenerate.

“The radiation that is emitted into the airwaves is attacking our immune system and our neurone functioning, leading to the most vulnerable in our communities such as the elderly, the young and those with pre-existing medical conditions more susceptible to airborne viruses.”

Ms Tokaji wrote a lengthy article peddling conspiracy theories. Picture: Facebook
Ms Tokaji wrote a prolonged article peddling conspiracy theories. Picture: Facebook

Opposition chief Zak Kirkup mentioned in an announcement he didn’t endorse Ms Tokaji’s controversial views.

“The first policy I announced as leader was to back the advice of the chief health officer without hesitation and to make that advice public,” he mentioned.

“I have acted to make sure there is absolutely no question about where we stand on COVID-19.”

Mr Kirkup later informed reporters on Thursday he was “disappointed and quite concerned”.

“More than anything I consider them dangerous conspiracy theories and they have no place in the Liberal Party,” he mentioned.

“I think they are dangerous and undermine an important public health response.

“There is a vetting process that takes place (for candidates), but unfortunately this wasn’t picked up as part of that and ultimately it also wasn’t declared.”

Mr Kirkup mentioned it was an remoted incident and dismissed questions that the Christian proper had been infiltrating the Liberal Party.

“I don’t think we should conflate any suggestions like that at all,” he mentioned.

Andrea Tokaji pictured recently with WA Liberal leader Zak Kirkup. Picture: Facebook
Andrea Tokaji pictured lately with WA Liberal chief Zak Kirkup. Picture: Facebook

Ms Tokaji has been faraway from the Liberal Party’s web site, whereas her social media has additionally restricted some content material and her private web site has been taken down.

According to her biography on the article she wrote, she is a educated worldwide human rights lawyer in addition to a lecturer in enterprise and regulation at Sheridan College. She was additionally a pastor.

Premier Mark McGowan mentioned the incident once more confirmed the Liberal Party was “risky, it’s inexperienced and it’s not ready for government”.

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