Watch: Stunning drone footage of Eden whale hunting fish

In what can solely be described as one of the numerous wonders of nature, a famend wildlife filmmaker captured a phenomenal shot of a whale trapping its prey by preserving its mouth huge open.

This is an impressive video of an Eden whale preying on fishes within the gulf of Thailand. 

In the video, a whale may be seen to have its mouth open and the scores of fishes swimming into it, oblivious to the truth that they’re perpetually being trapped to turn into the whale’s supply of sustenance.

Moreover, when the whale feels prefer it has trapped sufficient fish in its mouth, it spins swiftly and shuts the jaws shut. The whole incident occurs on the floor of the water, so the whale is definitely upright. In the ‘corners of their mouth beneath the floor, a circulation is created pulling the fish into the whale’s mouth. In the panic, some of the fish additionally appear to leap out the water and into the whale’s mouth,’ Bertie Gregory, the filmmaker explains within the caption of the Instagram video.

He additional elaborates that the incident has been brought on by the air pollution brought on by the ‘sewage outflows’ from the land which has used up all of the oxygen contained in the ocean, forcing the whale’s fish prey to maneuver in direction of the floor layer for oxygen.

The whale, which usually treads the water to hunt, now need to dramatically alter his hunting technique. The whale now has to take care of an upright place and maintain its head above the floor, and likewise maintain its mouth open.

He additional acknowledged from his social media account that this was ‘extraordinary habits’ being displayed by the whales.

Gregory additional explains within the caption of  one other video that these Eden whales have ‘tattoo-like-lesions’, a pores and skin illness, which it has developed by swimming in these polluted waters.

The footage captured by Gregory options in a small section from the “Oceans” episode of A Perfect Planet, a well-liked BBC documentary narrated by legendary by Sir David Attenborough.

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