‘We have no shame’: ‘Free Guy’ actor Ryan Reynolds says Hollywood is now mimicking Bollywood – WATCH

On Thursday, Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds whose recently released film ‘Free Guy’ has been receiving mixed reviews world over, shared a special message for his fans in India. A largely entertaining film, Ryan Reynolds ‘Free Guy’ oscillates between an action-comedy and a stealthy rom-com. 

Taking a cue from the premise of the movie, Ryan drew parallels between ‘Free Guy’ and the tropes of Hindi films. In a video clip for viewers in India, Ryan is heard saying that ‘Free Guy’ has every element of a classic Bollywood film including romance, a guy hoping to hit it off with a girl ‘out of his league’, a crazy villain, insane action and dancing. 

Displaying his atypical wit, in a video posted by 20th Century Studios India on its YouTube page, Ryan Reynolds is heard saying that even though Hollywood was mimicking Bollywood, they had no shame. 

“Hello India. My new movie ‘Free Guy’ has a guy named ‘Guy’ who is quite the Romeo, a girl who is out of his league, a crazy villain, some insane action and, of course, dancing. If you are wondering if Hollywood is just mimicking Bollywood now, well, the answer is yes. We have no shame. No shame at all,” the 44-year-old actor is heard saying in the video. 

Watch the video here: 

‘Free Guy’ is a science fiction action comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. It stars Ryan Reynolds as a bank teller who discovers that he is actually a non-player character in an open-world video game. The adventure comedy was released in India on Friday (September) in English and Hindi. The film premiered in the US theatres on August 13.

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