Weekly Tarot (April 18th to April 14th): Here’s the career outlook for Aries, Gemini, and Cancer

Are you unsure what the coming week will bring in your professional life? Here’s what Jeevika Sharma, a tarot reading expert, has to say about your weekly career horoscope based on your zodiac sign. Keep a smile on your face and fight your fears for another week as we approach midway March.


This week, Capricorn, you might get into a fight at your place of work. People around you might not be in an agreement with your decisions.


You might run away from your responsibilities related to your work. Fortunately, running away won’t do you any harm.


You would take an action which would be related to both professional and personal life. This would bring you a lot of growth and achievement.


You are likely going to get into contact with people who would share your ideas at work. You could also get the work which would be to your liking.



You are going to get into contact with some new people in your professional life and they would lend you help to make your work grow.


This week, Gemini, you are going to adhere to all the decisions you’ve made in the past with regard to your professional life.


This week you would get into contact with someone and it would lead to a growth in your finances. It could be a random encounter whose advice would be beneficial.


Professionally, Leo, this week you may see some gain blessing you with good prospects.



You would be in the spirit of merry making this week in your professional life. You eould celebrate your achievements.


This week, professionally, you would be getting guidance from some who would tell you the ways to increase your finances.


Things in your professional life may see a smooth sail this week. There won’t be any hurdles in harming your progress.



You would take matters in your professional in your control life this week. Doing so would bring a lot of benefit to you.

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