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KOLKATA: The state transport department is all set for a complete switch to online registration of vehicles and issuance, renewal and transfer of permits. The system is scheduled to be operational from December 1.
“The new system will help operators of transport vehicles get their permit applications submitted and processed more easily online. Also, they will be spared of the harassment by touts,” said a transport department official. The online process will be seamless and can be operated from the comfort of home, he added.

The online permit issuance and vehicle registration is part of the Vahan4 portal, which has brought uniformity in the process across the country. “The permit issuance, renewal and transfer had been an offline process. Our technical team is working hard to integrate it with Vahan4,” said an officer.
The state government has already switched to a complete online vehicle registration system across the state. This has not only helped the buyer purchase a vehicle without any hitch but also helped dealers to avoid coming to RTOs.
“We have managed to reduce footfall at RTOs significantly. With the shift to the online permit system, the footfall is to drop further, enabling us to focus more on enforcement,” said a senior transport department officer.
“Our experience with the process of permit renewal has been very bitter. Without touts, it was impossible to lay hands on a new permit or renew an old one. Hopefully, with the online system, we will get rid of touts,” said Tapan Banerjee, secretary of the Joint Council of Bus Syndicates.
Hitherto, an operator needed to be physically present at RTOs and stand in a queue to deposit cash and then submit the form. “It was not only time-consuming, there was no end to harassment with touts fleecing applicants at every step. We hope all will end with the online process,” said Titu Saha, general secretary of suburban bus service.
Section 66 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, mandates the necessity of permit to transport vehicles. However, transport vehicles of central or state governments, police, fire brigade, ambulance, cranes and goods vehicle having gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3000kgs are exempted from the necessity of having a permit.

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