What Are Various Digital Flow Control Valves?

In manufacturing processes, control valves are specifically designed to balance fluid or gas pressure controls. These are very beneficial devices as they help industrialists smooth and automate the manufacturing of various products that are made under high strain levels. In this article below, we will be taking you through major types of digital flow control valves that are in broad use in industry.

Back Pressure Valves:

These valves are employed in the system to level the upstream pressures. This pressure always lies in the range higher than at which the manufacturing is done. Not only this, but these digital flow control valves are capable of maintaining repetition while equalising the pressures of different fluids or gases. Among the most widely used products of these valves are the dome-loaded or spring-loaded models. Indeed these are the most reliable machinery equipment used so far. 

Mechanical Steam Valves:

These devices work on the principle that saturated steam’s temperature is in direct relation to saturated steam’s pressure. They are not so expensive because the valve maintenance and change is easy and cheap enough. With that, the maintenance procedure needs a lot of reduced downtime. And best of all, these high pressure flow control valves are highly prone to temperature control and assist in overcoming the process issues straightaway.

Pressure Reducing Valves:

Basically, the working procedure of these devices consist on a couple of steps which are:

  • Acceptance of inlet pressure
  • Reduction of inlet pressure to output pressure

The size range for these fluid control valves is ½’’ to 6’’. Moreover, these digital flow control valves come in two categories that are dome-loaded and spring-loaded, each of which include mechanically mounted dome-shaped advanced versions of the devices. When it comes to applications, these devices are utilised for steam control purposes and tank blanketing.

Direct Acting Pressure Valves:

Again the digital flow control valves are used to control various gases and fluid’s pressure and temperatures. They come in different devices which include:


This is considered the simplest direct acting flow control valve. You can yourself adjust the level of spring that helps you to maintain the same level pressure. 


This valve utilises a differential chamber that is sealed. This is why where there the seal pressurisation, spray tower applications, and spring automation is needed, BS2 flow control valves are preferred choices to make. 


These pressure regulators are considered best where applications like discharging of pump, filtration, and relieving is needed. 

Safety Valves:

These digital flow control valves are used to increase the level of strain that is far higher than the manufacturer’s suggested pressures. It further helps in maintaining dynamic pressure waste and decreases the potential of employee injuries.

This equivalent idea can be applied to practically undeniably packed air, water and other liquid frameworks. The security controllers beneath are expected to forestall dynamic strain waste and possible wounds. These gadgets are entirely reasonable and can deliver profits following establishment since they are all processing plant pre-set, and that implies they can’t be modified, changed or altered in any case.

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