Revealed: This Is How COVID Virus Impacts The Heart

Here’s What Happens When Coronavirus Enters Your Heart

What exactly happens inside your heart when the COVID-19 virus enters the organ? Read on to know everything.

In a recent study, experts have revealed that COVID-19 virus infection can trigger inflammation and oxidative stress in the heart, which is why the heart gets majorly damaged and its functioning gets hampered when an individual catches the coronavirus infection.

In the year 2019, the world was shocked by the arrival of the deadliest virus outbreak SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19. The virus enters the body through the respiratory organs, spreads fast to almost all the organs, and wreaks havoc equally on all the body parts. However, two organs get severely impacted by the infection — The lungs and the heart. Yes, which is why the heart of the person who has had COVID is prone to suffer from any kind of future disease.

In the study, the scientists stated that Covid-19 infection can cause changes in calcium channels that can affect how the heart beats which can also trigger inflammation and oxidative stress in the heart. The study authors found the heart tissues of COVID patients with increased amounts of oxidative stress (harmful production of unstable molecules) and signals of inflammation, as well as changes in calcium.

How Does COVID Impacts The Heart?

The scientist revealed what exactly happens inside the heart when COVID enters the organ. A protein called RyR2, which is responsible for regulating the heart’s calcium ion levels gets hampered.

Why is ion calcium important? Like all other muscles, the heat also needs calcium ions to contract. It is important for the heart to coordinate contractions of the atria and ventricles that help in pumping blood to all the body parts. However, a lack of this calcium ion can cause arrhythmias or heart failure. “We also observed changes to the heart tissue including immune cell infiltration, collagen deposition (indicative of injury), death of heart cells, and blood clots,” a research scientist in Marks’ lab was quoted as saying.

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