‘When Harry Met Santa’: Santa Gets a Boyfriend in Norwegian Postal Service Christmas Ad

Santa gets a boyfriend in the Norwegian postal service’s new Christmas ad, where he pays special annual visits to a man named Harry until he eventually enlists some help from Posten to deliver presents so he can stay with him. In the advertisement, titled “When Harry Met Santa,” the men can be seen developing a bond during the visits over a number of years, with Harry eventually writing a letter to Santa to tell him “all I want for Christmas is you.” One night, Harry opens the door to find a postal worker delivering some presents for him, and upon his return to the living room finds Santa waiting for him. He tells Harry, “I arranged some help this year…so I can be with you,” before the two kiss. A message from Posten Norge then appears, saying the ad celebrates “50 years of being able to love whoever we want.” Homosexuality was decriminalized in Norway in 1972. Credit: Posten Norge via Storyful

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