When, where to watch rare celestial wonder in India

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn set to align soon: When, where to watch rare celestial wonder in India

A rare celestial extravaganza awaits sky gazers this month when Mars and Venus will be joined by Saturn and Jupiter in a rare planetary alignment. Mars and Venus will be initially joined by Jupiter from around the middle of the month. As we gaze and admire the wonder, the planetary alignment will further extend as Saturn joins the line as the rare planetary alignment starts forming from around April 17 and reaches its visible best on April 20 morning.

The extremely rare celestial wonder can be witnessed from the naked eye by sky gazers.

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Rare 4-planet alignment – When and where to watch?

The planetary alignment will be visible from April 17, right before sunrise, however, the best view will be on April 20 with the four planets in near perfect alignment. The rare cosmic event can be viewed from India. Pollution in the region may play a part in visibility.

To view the alignment, one needs to look towards east before sunrise. The order of the alignment of the planets will be Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn. Watching Jupiter may turn out to be tricky due to its proximity to the horizon. Such a celestial event was earlier seen in 2005.

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