‘Who doesn’t do that?’: This hilarious exchange between siblings has netizens cracking up

Asian families are undoubtedly hilarious, be it in their sassy response to new jobs or their deadpan reactions to prestigious awards. And now, it is banter between a Pakistan-based Twitter user and her sibling that has left netizens cracking up.

Twitter user @aytxx_ posted a photo of a note she had written for her sibling and the ‘savage’ response to it.

The user had stuck a sticky note on her fridge, asking her sibling to wake her up when they left for school. However, the sibling had no plans of complying and cheekily responded with a similar sticky note. The note read, “Which English film scene is this where you write on a sticky note and stick it to the fridge? I myself am not fully awake before leaving for school, how would I wake you up?”

It did not take long for the hilarious post to go viral, with netizens relating to the conversation.

Some also wondered why the sibling had written the note and whether it was a common practice in their household. Others thought the use of sticky notes to communicate with family was a “clever move”.

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