‘Why is Santa moving?’ St. Nick’s home in the North Pole pops up on Zillow



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If you happen to be an avid Zillow prowler on the house hunt, you might have noticed a rather adorable Christmas listing that is currently off market.

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Santa Claus’ home and all that comes with it at the North Pole.

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“A winter lover’s paradise nestled on 25 idyllic acres,” the listing describes. ”The property includes Santa’s main living quarters, a community of tiny elf homes, a state-of-the-art toy-making facility, garage with space for an all-weather sleigh and stables that board eight live-in reindeer, plus a bonus stall for red-nosed company.”

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The home, which “zestimates” at a little over $1 million, was built in 1822 and covers around 2,500 square feet. And, yes, Santa’s elves have their very own village.

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“This year, the Clauses updated their home photos, and it looks like they have a few new additions to their home, including a stationary bike and newly-adopted pup. Use our hints here to see if you can spot all eleven!”

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According to Zillow, Santa’s home is “steeped in Old World charm” and has a sack-full of features including:

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The elf village has multiple tiny houses for Santa’s keen helpers. There’s even a “petite bamboo bungalow” to provide serenity for the hard workers.

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“The energy flow between the meditation space and yoga studio achieves perfect feng shui. Pull up a pouf to the sushi bar and relax with a cup of tea,” the listing says of elf village.

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The listing managed to nab the attention of the popular Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild, causing most people to set aside their sarcasm for a second and marvel at the cuteness that is the post.

“Well, this post had just taken all the snark right out of me,” one person noted. “Merry Christmas!”

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“These tiny homes are adorable!” another said.

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“Well, this is all just so perfect and cute,” one person observed.

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“I’m going to start leaving out Santa some sushi instead of cookies and milk… who knew!” another exclaimed.

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“These are so cute and would be so cool to have as a B&B!!” one person said.

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“People love tiny homes until they realize they knock their elbow every time they turn around, meanwhile they have 25 acres outside,” another said of Elf Village.

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“Cozy! …..but where’s the bathroom?” one person asked.

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Of course, one person wondered if the the big guy in red was actually planning to ditch the North Pole.

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“Why is Santa moving??”

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