Homeopathy requires a long time to show results: Right or wrong

Is Homeopathy safe for the longer run?

Homeopathy medicines are gentle on a human body, and do not cause side effects. But many people are not aware of the power of this system of medicine.

Homeopathy is known as sweet pills and many people are not aware of its effectiveness. Homeopathic medicines aim to get a patient off the medication, heals the body, and trains it to heal on its own, says Dr Ummekulsum Baghwala, a homeopath from Mumbai.

Dr Baghwala, who offers online consultation for Homeopathic medicines, wants to make more people aware of the power of this system of medicine in the right way. She claims that she has personally tried and tested Homeopathy and it has helped her and her family more than she has ever expected.

Talking to TheHealthSite, the homeopath answers some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Homeopathy as well as busted a few myths associated with this system of medicine.

Reasons why one should switch to Homoeopathy

Homeopathy does not have chemically loaded large doses; homeopathic medicine does not give blanket treatment by suppressing the symptoms/disease temporarily. Homeopathic medicines are high in quality and minute in quantity which is enough to trigger the body to initiate cure. Nature’s law is to sustain life, in any condition the body will find a way to survive even at the cost of manipulating normal body functions that we call disease, homeopathy just triggers the natural law of curing the disease from its root. For day-to-day issues taking large chemical doses will only do harm in the long run. As side effects of one treatment will give rise to other issues in the body. Homeopathy does not have side effects and it is gentle on a human body and has treatment for all somatic and psychological issues except casualties and life-threatening emergencies.

Myths: Homeopathy requires a long time to show results!

Yes, homeopathy has got a false reputation of acting slowly. You don’t develop a disease overnight and so it cannot be cured overnight but only suppressed temporarily with large chemical doses in modern medicine. There are situations when we do need modern medicine, like anaphylactic reactions, accidents and shock where sustaining life is necessary may it be with large chemical doses, but for issues like hormonal imbalance, gastric or joint issues a wise would choose homeopathy.

Is Homeopathy safe for the longer run?

Homeopathy is the future of many countries across the world, as its effectiveness is now easier to see for the entire world, thanks to social media.

People who switch to homeopathy after taking chemical doses experience its gentle cure, no side effects and how the body feels lighter and more peaceful.

We have more patients from the educated class who value health over shortcut treatments and who understand that health is a balance of mind and body and not just absence of symptoms.

Can Homoeopathy cure PCOS/PCOD?

Yes and no. Every human has one sensitive system, may it be gastric or hormonal. When a woman with a sensitive hormonal system acquires PCOS/PCOD and takes homeopathic treatment there is complete reversal of the condition but as it’s their sensitivity they might get slight imbalance here and there as life happens or until their sensitivity changes naturally. And again, when they opt for homeopathy the recovery is quick but in such a case if they opt for hormonal replacement pills the matter gets worse and they might end up with PCOS/PCOD again along with imbalance TSH and blood sugar.

What makes homeopathic medicine the safest medicine for women and children?

The sensitivity of a woman (due to hormonal cycle that changes every day) and child (due to its growing and ever-changing nature) is high. Such sensitive beings react readily to chemicals, catch side effects faster which affects further growth and maintenance. Therefore, women and children need a mode of treatment that is gentle, does not have side effects and does not come. In the way of the body’s natural growth and circadian rhythm. Children who start on homeopathic treatment at an early age have better immunity and intelligence.

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