Wife Dani Willis shares Steve Smith’s picture of picking bats blinfolded, Aaron Finch can’t stop laughing

Steve Smith, one of the best batsmen in the world, is known for shadow batting and practicing hard. However, his wife Dani Willis shared a couple of images where he was doing something completely different and that too blindfolded.

Dani Willis shared a couple of images where Smith has blindfolded himself with a handkerchief and he is trying to pick one of the many bats kept in front of him. In the second image, he has kicked the bat and is shadow batting with the blindfolds on.

Willis shared the images captioning, “Flashback to Steve doing Steve things. I think he was trying to work out which bat had the better pick up?! @steve_smith49.”

The images soon went viral as Smith’s Australian teammate Aaron Finch couldn’t stop laughing.

Smith then sharing the images on his story wrote what he was really trying to do with the laughing emoji. “I remember this @dani_willis I was ordering them 1 to 8 purely on pickup. Tough to do they were all good.

Smith along with the other Australian IPL contingent got out of the quarantine on Monday after they all returned to their home country on May 16.

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