With ‘Somebody Somewhere,’ Comedian Bridget Everett Finally Gets Her Breakout Moment

You’ve done some really fabulous dramatic work in projects like Unbelievable and Patti Cake$, but Somebody Somewhere represents a big leap for people who know you better as a live performer.

When I was building my stage character, I was trying to make a confident person who could step into her body and her power and feel on the edge of being alive. Because in real life, I just walk into a room and go, “Nobody wants me here, should I just leave?” I was actually so nervous to do Patti Cake$ that I tried everything I could to get out of it. I’ve had a lot of people along the way going “Bridget, you’re better than you think you are. Just trust yourself and give it your best.”

A moment in the show that really struck me is when Sam says she never let her sister hear her sing because she didn’t think she was any good. You come off so naturally confident, but did you relate to that aspect of your character?

I’ve lived a life full of self-doubt, but I’ve been able to let go of a lot of those feelings of unworthiness. I showed up on the first day of Somebody Somewhere worried I might let everybody down, but it was such a supportive environment. I thought, “Wait, I’m an executive producer and number-one on the call sheet, they can’t fire me!” I was able to live in the moment and just hope for the best. Plus, we were shooting 12 scenes a day and moving very quickly, so there wasn’t any time for me to doubt myself.

Jeff Hiller, Mercedes White, Murray Hill, and Everett in Somebody Somewhere

Photo: Courtesy of HBO


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