With The Vampire’s House, Susie Cave Expands Into Old Hollywood Homeware

“The Vampire’s Wife jewelry box is the chicest piece to gift this Christmas, but deep down I love the Vampire Teddy Bear.”

After settling on bed covers in silk satin and silk velvet, oversized pillows in silk and metallic chiffon, a teddy bear, sleep masks, hot water bottle covers, lavender pouches, and a jewelry box for the first edit (other curated room edits will follow), Cave had to find the best suppliers for the job. “It took a while to find the right teddy bear factory,” she admits. “I wanted it to be made in England, and, of course, sustainable. That was quite a challenge, especially through lockdown.” The jewelry receptacle, which Susie is particularly proud of, is made by the Queen’s jewelry box makers.

Each realized in Liberty’s signature posies dating back to the 1800s, the chintzy pieces—“Flowers are my weakness”—will bring warmth to her interiors while much of the Caves’s belongings are in Copenhagen at Nick’s exhibition, an ephemeral set-up which is due to travel across Europe and then Montreal. “The house is usually overflowing with books, and the paintings of Louis Wain, ‘the man who drew cats’, on the walls, but I don’t think we’ll be getting any of our things back for a while!”

Normally, says Susie, she finds inspiration in the balance of chaos and simplicity at Cave HQ. “Some rooms are full of madness, competing floral designs, and others are conspicuously blank and serene,” she shares. And of course, “There are a lot of flowers.” Bag yourself your own slice of the most harmonious pandemonium we have ever seen at, and while you’re at it, buy yourself a bouquet. The Vampire’s House’s opulent furnishings deserve some everyday decadence.

The Vampire’s Wife gilded-effect bone china box

The Vampire’s Wife floral-print silk-satin eye mask

The Vampire’s Wife sequin-embellished velvet hot water bottle cover

The Vampire’s Wife Sacred Heart floral-print silk cushion

The Vampire’s Wife Falconetti ruffled chiffon cushion

The Vampire’s Wife floral-print silk-satin teddy bear

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