Woman beaten, dragged out of car during a road rage incident, Pennsylvania cops say

The woman was unconscious from the beating, police said.

The woman was unconscious from the beating, police said.

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Police are looking for two people suspected of beating a woman and dragging her out of her car during a road rage incident in Pennsylvania.

On the morning of Dec. 16, police were called to an area in north Jenkintown on a report of an assault, they said in a news release.

A video showed a woman being violently beaten by another woman while inside and outside her car. A man stood beside her while the woman was beaten, the video showed.

Police cautioned viewers that the video is “graphic in nature.”

The police department said the incident was related to road rage.

The video, posted by police, showed the woman getting out of her car and being approached by a woman and a man who were parked behind her on the street.

The two women began fighting, and the first woman was beaten while both inside and outside her car, the video showed. She was then dragged outside her car by the woman pictured in the video.

Police are looking for the man and woman shown in the graphic video beating a woman who was left unconscious. Jenkintown Police Department on Facebook

Police said the assault left her unconscious. She was taken to the hospital for treatment, the release said.

Jenkintown police are asking for help identifying the man and woman in the video. Their car did not have a license plate displayed, the release said.

People with information about the incident can email [email protected] or contact the police department at 610-635-4300.

Jenkintown is about 10 miles north of Philadelphia.

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