Woman crashes job interview of sister, thrashes her for affair with her husband – WATCH viral video here

We have always heard that sisters have each other’s back, through thick or thin. However, not this time. 

This time, a video went viral on the internet where an angry woman is seen crashing her sister’s job interview and thrashing her. The woman thrashed her own sister at her job interview after she found out that the latter was having an affair with the former’s husband. 

Netizens cannot believe the video is left ROFL-ing. 

The video was shared by an account named Dallas on Saturday and it has already got more than a million views on Twitter. The video was shared along with a caption that read, “Wife Crashes Her Sister’s Job Interview After Finding Out She Slept With Her Husband”.

In the video, which was shot by someone inside the office, the whole fight can be seen between the sisters and it has left netizens amused. 

See the video here:


Netizens had different reactions to the video, while one wrote, “I doubt she got the job, but she SURE got the Business”, “Interviewer: we’ll call you”, another said, “Give her the job. She’s going to need the health insurance that job is offering.”

Meanwhile, several users wrote about the violence and said that often the spouse is not blamed for the cheating but the other person. A user commented, “All that anger needs to go to that husband. Women too often blame women for their partner’s infidelity. Unique situation I understand but this is such nonsense.”

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