Woman Dressed As Nun Plays & Dances With Skeleton Near Graveyard, People Wonder If It’s a Prank!

Viral News: In today’s edition of bizarre, a woman dressed as a nun was seen playing and dancing with a skeleton outside the old Hull graveyard in England. Pictures of the strange occurrence which have horrified and spooked social media users, was taken by a passenger who was passing by in a car on Spring Bank West just outside the Cemetery. The incident is said to have happened on September 11.Also Read – Viral Video: Giant Python Swallows Whole Deer in Rajasthan, Brave Enough To Watch?

In the images, the woman wearing a a cream nun’s habit and coif headpiece is seen dancing with a human skeleton. In another picture, she is seen playing with something else as well that appears to look like a dog. People who saw the strange sight said that the woman was actually dancing with the skeleton for several minutes, and was not all bothered by other people’s presence.

See the pictures here:

A scared and puzzled witness told Daily Mail, ”Literally, she was stood at the cemetery on Spring Bank West opposite the turn off for Hymers school. She was dancing with a skeleton. It was clearly attracting a lot of attention with people stopping to watch nearby and people in their cars looking!”

Another eyewitness, however, proposed that the act might have been a part of a stunt or art project, although this remains unknown.

According to The Daily Mail, The Hull General Cemetery has not been used for almost 50 years although remains one of the city’s most historic sites. The cemetery contains a large number of key monuments and burial sites especially of those victims who died of a cholera outbreak in 1849.

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