Woman held for plotting mother-in-law’s murder in Telangana’s Suryapet

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Suryapet police solved the murder of Kusuma Lalithamma who was killed on August 10 and arrested her daughter-in-law Vijayalaxmi, their farmworker Nukala Saidulu for the crime. Vijayalaxmi wanted the family-owned agricultural land to be given to her husband Madhusudan Reddy, who suffers from seizures, but her mother-in-law did not agree.

Hence, she hatched the plan to kill her. She chose Saidulu to commit the murder as he had been working on their farm for three years and was known to the family. Saidulu even cried bitterly at her funeral to dodge the police. The gold chain which was stolen from her was also recovered from him, said Inspector B Vittal Reddy. 

As per the plan, on the night of August 10, Saidulu entered the house, threatened Lalithamma with a weapon, and smothered her with his hand killing her. He also robbed her gold chain. Police initially found that no outsider had entered the house and started an investigation on those lines. On suspicion, Saidulu was picked up and when confronted, he admitted to the murder and also revealed Vijayalaxmi’s name.

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