Woman stuffs her nose with garlic in latest TikTok hack

While TikTok is a goldmine of life hacks, not all of them look or feel appealing. Take for instance Rozaline Katherine, a 29-year-old from Arizona, US. She went viral after stuffing her nose with garlic cloves in a bid to clear her sinuses.

And where did she stumble upon this “hack”??Yes, it was on TikTok.

“I didn’t think it was actually going to work which is why I filmed it more as a joke,” Katherine told The Mirror. “It didn’t burn or hurt and I just kept touching it to keep it in place and waited. After 10-15 minutes I could tell my nose was starting to run so I took the garlic out. I was expecting it to be a little runny but then tons of boogers just started coming out and I was totally shocked. I didn’t smell any garlic afterwards either – I think my sinuses were flushed out.

Take a look at the video here:

The video has since then received more than 5 lakh likes and 35 thousand shares. Viewers, however, were divided on the hack and were also slightly repulsed by the visuals. Katherine is not the only TikToker to try out this tip. Several others have shared similar videos with garlic cloves and have seen a varying degree of results.

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