Year Ender 2021: Top 5 Bizarre Makeup Trends That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Excess of anything is bad, let it be food or makeup routines! The year 2021 has seen it all. From biggest hits to lowest flops. Makeup is not everyone’s cup of tea. People from all across the world love to try out different fashion tricks in hope of making it a hit one day. Not all experiments are successful. They leave behind a disastrous trail of ‘things you should not do ever.’ We have curated a list of bizarre makeup trends that got immensely popular among people.Also Read – Take Fashion Cues From These Bollywood Celebs Who Brought in Different Bridal Trends For The Year 2021

Here Are The Bizarre Makeup Trends

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Eye Implant. Picture Credits: Pixabay

Eye implants are now one of the biggest trends in the Netherlands. However, how far can one go? People can now get their eyes pierced with the help of a special procedure. These are claimed to be harmless and less painful. Yet, trends keep changing and what is trending now, may not be trending in the future. Is this trend worth the expense? Also Read – Year Ender 2021: Six Cryptocurrencies That Jumped More Than 10,000 Per Cent In 2021

Eyebrow Experiment

Eyebrow Tattoo. Picture Credits: Pexels

Eyebrow Tattoo. Picture Credits: Pexels

Eyebrows are one of the first things a person usually notices. With changing times, the shapes of eyebrows are changing too. How far should one go? Making a natural element look weird and ugly are different things altogether. Sleek or thick eyebrows are the safest options but crooked and semi-circles are beyond imaginary worst. The next worst eyebrow experiment one can do is the tattooed eyebrow. These stay forever and once things go wrong, you cannot go back! Think twice before you embark on this journey!

Contour With Sunscreen

Sunscreen Contour. Picture Credits: Pexels

Sunscreen Contour. Picture Credits: Pexels

Sunscreen is the most important skincare essential. No matter what the weather is, you need to apply sunscreen. People might have taken this a bit too far. One of the Tiktok users applied sunscreen on some parts of the skin and allowed other parts to have natural contouring with the help of sun rays. The damage is irreversible and can cause have a disastrous effect on your skin.

Faux Puffy Eye Trends

Faux Puffy Eye Trends. Picture Credits: Pixabay

Faux Puffy Eye Trends. Picture Credits: Pixabay

This is a trend where people purposely make their eyes look hungover, tired, or drenched in dark circles. This trend has left the internet divided. Some people say that this trend is highly insensitive towards people. Whereas some section of people actually enjoy this trend and are using it widely to look cool.

Excessive Tan


Fake Tan. Picture Credits: Unsplash

How much tan is too much tan? Learn from the experts! Fake tans are now being in vogue. They use unnatural bronze/brown colour which looks excessive, irritable, and pretentious. As the saying goes, excessive of anything is bad!

Makeup has always been the medium to define yourself and channel your hidden fashionista. Let’s keep experimenting and never let the spirit of trying new things ever extinguish!

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